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The Pope and the Vatican

Written on: Wednesday May 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Blitz the Med

Next we arrived in Rome and pretty much went straight to the Vatican as it was Sunday. Now I'm not a religious man, but I'm also not an atheist. I'm more in the camp of I believe in all religions then none of them and I was really excited to goto the Vatican and check it out.

For those who don't know, the Vatican is the smallest city-state in the world situated in the middle of Rome. It has its own currency, army, police, post office, etc. which seems silly but whatever. Its where the Pope lives and where St. Peter's Basilica is located.

We arrived in the morning and it wasn't too busy thankfully. The square in St. Peters is absolutely breathtaking and words or pictures cannot really describe it. The basilica rises high above and the square (circle really) is surround by huge marble columns which are lined with giant sculptures of Saints and protectors. A giant column adorned with a cross rises high from the middle of the square (circle) with fountains on either side. Its really spectacular.

First thing, I really wanted to goto the Copula for a picture. The Copula is the very top of the Basilica. Basically you wind yourself through the maze of the Basilica passing through very narrow cooridors and halls that are slanted 45 so you have to hold yourself up as you walk up them. Eventually everyone piles out onto the Copula and is presented with the most amazing view of the Vatican and Rome.

Our trip up the Copula did involve some drama but I definitely think it was worth it. You decend the same way down the other side and end up inside the Basilica's main hall.

The main hall of the Basilica is massive and contains some of the most beautiful artwork and alters I have (and probably will) ever see. History just oozes from the walls. The ceiling is indescribably high. One of the most amazing places I have ever been.After finishing the Basilica main hall, you're supposed to go see the Sistine Chapel, but its closed on Sundays as its actually used (so is the Basilica but its big enough for everyone). We witnessed a procession as well which was kinda cool:Thinking it was time to leave, we headed back down to the square (circle) which had filled up tremendously. Turns out the Pope was going to be speaking any minute and we just kinda stumbled into it! We waited a couple mins and then the Pope came out and spoke, none of which we understood, but it was still incredible.After the Pope finished, we left the Vatican to go explore Rome.


From Berik on Mar 4th, 2013

I\'ll look at some of these as time allows, but did you see the hednaile where PETA is trying to bring a law suit against Sea World under the 13th amendment? The orcas are slaves. What next?