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Saturday, the Rain Day and Odious Rock

Written on: Saturday April 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: Easter Long Weekend '07

I awoke to the torrential downpour that had ensued half the night. Being slightly hungover and extremely comfortable and dry, I decided to lay in my tent while I heard Alan and Avril prepare camp for the day. Eventually they yelled at me to get up and by then, the rain had lessened. I threw on my rain gear and stepped outside.

One good thing about the rain, it made everyone else leave, which was fine with me. We have good gear and a good heads for wilderness camping so the rain really wasn't a bother. I set up a rain cover using an old tree and a tarp and Alan collected and started a breakfast fire. I enjoyed an undercooked morning TFD and the others enjoyed boiled stream water oatmeal. De-lish!

Now the next part requires a bit of a back story. On one camp trip years ago we stayed up all night and in the morning rock hiked to one of the rock peaks in the distance. Through the mud and foliage of the cliff side trail we emerged onto the peak. Waves pounding and pushed on by artifical feelings of bravery and a one-ness with nature, we attempted to walk out the the edge of the peak. To our surprise, there was actually a 5 foot gap between the land and the farthest point of the peak. The only way to cross was to climb down into the fissure and scale the salty wet wall on the other side. We had not come this far to stop almost at the peak. At the time, it seemed like a fun idea. In fact it turned out to be one of the most intense experiences of my life. Within the fissure, huge waves surged and crashed. The rock was slick with salt water and below, muscles and barnacles made sure to cut and scrape anything they touched. The otherside was nothing more then a double overhead, straight up climb of sheer rock with only a crack to wedge ourselves into. We are miles away from anything resembling a band-aid, let alone a hospital. The hindsight terror that ensued after making a successful roundtrip led to the re-naming of the rock to Odious Rock.

Back to current day. Odious Rock, while being the site of a deathly experience for myself and several others, is an absolutely beautiful trail and point. Alan, Avril, and I set off, stopping every couple mins for photo ops. There is a great waterfall along the trail and you can walk right up to the edge as it falls far below into the ocean.

Bridges, ladders, log stairs, and mud are just some of the obstacles to cross on the trail. We arrived at Odious Rock. The sea was somewhat stormy from last night's storm as well as the storm that would ensue later that day. Huge waves pounded the point sending up spray and mist and creating quite the photo-op. We surveyed Odious Rock itself and chills crawled up my spine. The problem with Odious is that it is situated so that it is extremely hard to take a picture that expresses it's essence. I have been unable to capture a picture that shows Odious in its true form.

After some photos and a silent sit on the rocks looking out at the ocean, we departed back along the trail and to camp for some naps. It began to rain heavily again and since we were planning on leaving early the next morning and had done everything we wanted to, we used a 20min break in the downpour to pack up camp and header into Victoria for the night. I forgot to mention we did see otters and black bears and deer and a myriad of other west coast dwellers during our trip as well.

We met my buddy Mike at the Blue Fox the next morning for a delicious breakfast and made the uneventful trip back to Vancouver beating all the holiday traffic. As Avril would say:

"A successful trip. No dead."


From Jen on Apr 15th, 2007

I love the new photo editing tools - so much easier to use! I just put up all my Eastern Europe stuff from the last couple weeks. Sounds like your camping trip was fun, too. I like the high-tech videos that you've got on your page as well - that's awesome :)

From Pat and Roger Handley on Apr 18th, 2007

Hi Brian: Just posted my last blog of our winter trip. Wanted to thank you for the blog site and your continuing work to perfect it, I've had lots of positive comments from friends who have been following our adventures. Love the new way to add captions and also to reorder pictures once downloaded. We'll be having a quiet life for a while but once we're on the move again I'll fire up the blog. Thanks again.