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Friday, the Sun Day

Written on: Friday April 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: Easter Long Weekend '07

We arrived at Sombrio shortly before noon and was in for a bit of a surprise. I hadn't been to Sombrio in a couple years and I found out that it was actually a lot more common then it had been a few years ago. There were quite a few more facilities, well, actually its more like a couple of outhouses, then last time and it was way more crowded then I would have imagined. Not just with the daily surfers, which there are way more now then a couple years ago too, but weekend adventurers. Regardless, it was only relatively busy, there weren't actually that many people there at all, I was just used to seeing nobody.

So we got everything ready and hiked down to the beach. There is a place I had in mind to set up shop which was about 30-40min hike along the beach so we made our way along the rocky beach front. We turned the last turn before the particular beach I wanted to stay at and BLAM, Scouts. A damn scout camping troupe had found their way to the beach. Little kids running around playing in the ocean and generally distruping the serene environment. So we continued farther down the beach and eventually found a spot far enough away that we weren't constantly bothered.

We set up camp quickly; the day was incredible, sorta sunny, and warm. I never would have thought I could hang out in a t-shirt on a remote coastal beach in April and be warm. After setting up, we went on a little trek around the beach and into the woods to check stuff out. We returned and warmed up some TFDs (tin foil dinners) and finished off the night with a little boozing around the fire.


From Jen on Apr 10th, 2007

Will check out the photo stuff as soon as I am back and uploading photos. Just posted some new journals for the trip I am on now. Can't wait to upload the photos!