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Pre-trek killing time at work

Written on: Thursday April 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Easter Long Weekend '07

Here I am, wasting a bit of time at work as its very near the end of the day and the long weekend. Even though its a little cold to do some bad ass wilderness camping, myself, Alan, Avril, and a couple others have decided to tough it out and head to Sombrio on Vancouver Island. Its a popular "locals-only brah" surf spot, but a 40+ min hike will get you away from those haoles and to a great deserted, west coast, beach-scape.

Situated right on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, its miles away from any sort of town, along the Juan de Fuca Trail, between China and Botanical Beach, so its quite isolated, but also a good and simple warm up for the upcoming trekking season. Plus its the height of spring right now and Sombrio will be intensely beautiful right now. I used to go all the time during University and haven't been back in a couple years so I'm stoked. I also got a brand new tent this year as my last one finally exploded, so stoked about that as well.

I'm also a vegetarian (ish) this year. Usually I'd bring a hot dogs and chips and some other camping food, but this year its all vegetables. Have you ever seen a veggie dog cooked on a fire. It bubbles like plastic. Gross. So its $30 of fresh vegetables this year. Hopefully I won't collapse in a protein withdrawal coma or something.

I'm leaving early Friday morning and we'll try and get there before noon if possible, just putting together the rest of my gear together. Got a bunch of delicious water-cooler water from work, couple two-sixs for entertainment, and a camera. Should be a good time. If it sucks and rains like a beast, we'll just go party up in Vic... back-up plans are important too.