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Phnom Penh

Written on: Thursday April 21st, 2005

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

After spending a week or so in Siem Reap, we took the public bus down to Phnom Penh, Cambodias awesome captial. The bus ride is pretty intense. Its a long journey and the roads are really bad. There are still more landmines then people in Cambodia, so on the bus rides, when they stop on the side of the road for everyone to pee, nobody leaves the side of the roads and we all just pee under the bus.

Our arrival in Phnom Penh was hectic. We are dropped off in the middle of the city and didn't have any idea of where to go next. We ended up getting a ride to the lake distict, an unofficial backpackers area of sort, and got a room at an incredible guest house right on the water. Let me clairify two things: on the water, means on a lake so incredibly polluted with waste that you can't actually go in it, and the guest house was incredible because they sold Jack Daniels, oh, and they had a good pool table.

We met some self-deprecating americans and toured around Phnom Penh, a city full of sad history. We went to the internment camps, S-21, and the killing fields. Sad, but a crucial part of Cambodian history and definately something to see, considering how few years ago it was.