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Rice Resevior, Cambodia

Written on: Wednesday April 13th, 2005

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

We had pretty much seen a lot of Angkor and its temples and decided not to goto Angkor on the last day of our passes. Instead we went on an adventure with our driver buddies. They took us on a crazy drive through country roads, cutting through the airport field, and over rough terrain, on a scooter mind you, until we reached a huge resevior.

The resevior is used for the fertlizing the lands surrounding it during the hot season so rice can be grown and livestock kept while the rest of Siem Reap is too dry. It doubles as a beach for Siem Reapers (ha!), and is sort of a little day-vacation spot.

We bought our friends lunch, which consisted a whole chicken: feathers, insides, beak, and all, roasted black beetles, mud fish, and lots of beer. Between teaching our drivers to shotgun beers, sucking the eyes from the fish, or fighting over the chicken feet, we got fat, happy, and ready for a swim.  Heres a video of drunk Cormack trying to show us how awesome he is at shotgunning, but he sucks.

Being the only white people around for kilometers (miles), we were somewhat of an attraction for the children. They kept their distance at first, but eventually warmed up as we played in the water. We taught them games like Marco Polo and how to dive to our, their, and everyone watching from shore's amusement.

I'm not one of those people that is freaked out by seaweed touching you while your swimming, but if you are, i do not suggest swimming in the resevior. It is thick brown, you can't see anything below the surface and small fish and BIG somethings constantly nibble at your feet.

If you zoom into the map, you can see the exact spot we were, awesome.

After spending the day at the beach, I think we just returned back to the guest house and hung out. Nothing special but lots of fun.


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