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Koh Lanta

Written on: Wednesday March 2nd, 2005

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

Koh Lanta was my favourite place in all of Thailand. It is this long island on the Adaman coast, about 40mins by boat away from Phi Phi. It is absolutely amazing. We were there shortly after the boxing day tsunami so I was not busy and very quiet and peaceful. We stayed on Lanta for almost 3 weeks living on various beaches around the island.

At the top is Saladin, the main and only "town" on the island. At the bottom, the sea gypsy village. Along the way down, beaches.

Koh Lanta has very little infrastructure, most of the roads are dirt, so the motoring is slow going but fun to explore. We had little bikes for most of our stay here and were able to explore the island extensively. Donned with aviators and water, we should rip along the sea side road as it dipped up and down the mountains. We would be covered head to toe in grime and dust but always had fun. Elephants, ox, and other wildlife dotted the jungle as we sped through.

We went on a splunking hike, up way into the jungle and then into this huge cave system. With ancient headlamps and an awesome guide (I can't remember his name now), we were led deep into the caves, crawling through extremely small squeeze points while on the lookout for the huge black and yellow cave spiders and poisonious frogs that inhabitated the dark. We would trek on ancient, slimy wooden plank walkways while huge crevasses disappeared below with the deafening silence of the dark. We explored vast caverns, turned out all our headlamps, and make Gollum noises in a darkness that is true black. Finally, on our way out we entered the bat cave and carefully and quietly tip-toed past them back into the light and the screaming of the monkeys above.

For a while we moved up to Long Beach (every island in the world has a "Long Beach" apparently) and the 4 of us lived in a single bungalow. By the end of 2 weeks, it was a disaster zone. A lot of the resort was destroyed in the tsunami so the area behind us was dubbed, the ghetto, and we'd play frisbee while dodging broken glass, tires, and fallen palms and coconuts.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a big party on the other end of the beach held in this giant tree fort. We listened to Thai bands playing Thai music as well as a bunch of covers, including Jack Johnson which I thought was halarious. I ended up banging around on some bongos and we partied well into the night.

Also while on Lanta, Simon, Drew, and I got our scuba certs with good old James Murgatroid. Koh Lanta is a great place to get your cert. It isn't on the tourist trail so you don't get ripped off or railroaded through. You get to enjoy your experience, in fact, we were the only 3 people in our class. Plus Lanta is situated very close to some of the best diving on the Adaman coast: Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Phi Phi Le (the beach), and others. We got to do some excellent wall dives, and even explore some underwater caves. The abundance and diversity of underwater life is unmatched.

After plenty of adventures, Sarah and I parted ways with Simon and Drew (for a short time it would turn out) and made our way to Phi Phi.


From Jojo on Dec 21st, 2015

I have been to Bangkok-Ubon- (and Laos) last October 2006 with my Brasilian and Thai lady friends. Then Bangkok-Phuket (and Cambodia) last May 2007 with the love of my life.In Bangkok, I shepopd alot. Have visited Soi Cowboy few times which was very interesting lols! Stayed in a nice romantic (lebua state tower) which I would like to stay again once I decided to go back for the 3rd times. We also visited some temples and the Red Dragon store for jeweleries.In , we have tried the water fun. Banana boat ride, parasailing, jet ski. We went to the bars and disco at night time. Have visited the Sanctuary of Truth also, very interesting place to see as we made wishes.In Ubon, it's a quiet place. Visited my lady friend whom I knew since 2002. We been to some nice cool disco houses also. We danced like crazy eventhough the music was in Thai lols! We also visited some Buddhist Temple in which again made our prayers and wishes. Then, we traveled to Laos.In Phuket, yeah another shopping experience. Clubs and pubs. We enjoyed sitting near outside the bar watching the people passing by during late afternoon. We toured around Phuket and visited different beaches. We also watched the monkey show and the snake show which was quite fun. And the best was the Phuket Fantasea. What an amazing play and great food!I enjoyed everything especially the food. Every night was a romantic night for me and my love.