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Key West & New Years

Written on: Sunday January 1st, 2006

A journal entry from: Caribbean Cruise 2006

Key West was actually a pretty cool little island. Its has a much more "Caribbean" feel then I thought it would. That being said, its also mainly a tourist island. Tons of small shops and bars, but also some interesting cultural stops. It is also the most southern part of the mainland United States... even though its an island and I guess not technically part of the mainland, but thats what they told me.

Key West was also a creative hotspot for the fantastic american author Ernest Hemingway, having written 6 or 7 pieces on the small island. Key West holds Hemingway in high regard, with museums, pictures, and historic preservations all around the island. Apparently Hemingway also had something to do with cats and there are a bunch of cat decendants from his cat Snowball (the Simpsons writers homage to Hemingway), and they have 6 or 7 toes, and called polydactls. Weird.

While there, we had lunch at Sloppy Joes which is a famous bar (for what, I don't know) and wandered the rest of the city. We went to the Hemingway museum, some old, cool churches, and took in a little Cuban/Key West culture.

After leaving Key Wes, we had a couple more days on the boat to return to Houston.  During this time was New Years and there was an AWESOME party on the boat with dancing, champagne, and good food.  It was a great way to end our trip.


From Danba on Mar 13th, 2007

Brian, glad to BE posting again. got stuck there for awhile, but Im back out there and there will be plenty more posts now. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful site!

From Pat and Roger Handley on Mar 18th, 2007

Thanks for adding the video option. I've added a couple to my old blogs, they seem to have loaded OK

From Jen on Mar 19th, 2007

Hahah... I just read your comment from a few days ago... it's all about teaching in London. Our currency is worth more than anyone else's, and I get 13wks off work each year, so it actually works out to be cheaper to go on a holiday than to stay in London for the time we have off! Crazy, hey.

From Kelly on Mar 20th, 2007

Hey! use all the pictures you want... but only if you ask me and not avril...

From Kelly on Mar 21st, 2007

good! and happy birthday...

From Jake on Mar 22nd, 2007

thanks Bry... you too. Your site is a masterpiece man...

From Chelsea on Apr 5th, 2007

Hey Bryan, The organization that I will be volunteering with is called Global Volunteer Network. Its actually based out of NZ but they do really great things. Thanks for this awesome site. It will be fun to record my travels. Thanks.