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Montego Bay, Jamaica

Written on: Thursday December 29th, 2005

A journal entry from: Caribbean Cruise 2006

Ah, good old Jamaica. Home to my beloved reggae. I was most excited about visiting Jamaica and it didn't disappoint. I had been to Ocha Rios before but never MB.

We did the regular routine of heading to the beaches first and hanging out, drinking beer with some locals. Everyone hounds you to buy pot because I guess most of the tourists expect the best coming to Jamaica, but if you're from British Columbia, Canada, its not really that bigga deal. I don't even smoke pot so always said no but when we mention we're from BC, we always recieved big smiles, thumbs up, and stories about BC pot.

Nice thing about Montego Bay is that its been around for a hell of a lot longer then cruise ship tourism has been coming to Jamaica and the city isn't complete tourist trap. We were able to get lost in some cool places and even do a little market shopping and get some gifts for people back home. I can get behind shopping that doesn't involve mass re-occuring crap like "Reggae-Style" shot glasses or "Do-in' it Jamaica Style" t-shirts.

We picked up a little half-fake steel drum for George as a thank you gift for the trip. He loved the calypso band on the ship so figured it would be a good reminder. One more stop left.. Florida?


From Jen on Mar 5th, 2007

Yay, featured traveller... I feel so important! Still have old trips to add on... so much work. Hahah. Am going to Poland/Lithuania/Latvia in 3wks time so be prepared for more posting madness.