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Grand Cayman

Written on: Wednesday December 28th, 2005

A journal entry from: Caribbean Cruise 2006

Grand Cayman is an awesome place. I had been here before some 5 years ago but I always forget how cool it is. I haven't seen a crazy authentic cultural side of the Caymans, probably because of their "special" tax laws and thus steady influence from big buiness, but it is a small quaint city with beautiful beaches and lots to explore. Strangely enough, I had a roommate move down and live here for about 2 years to DJ and the day that I come he wasn't gonna be in town. Pffft. Jerk.

I love to dive and have been diving to some fantasic spots all around the world but the Caymans is one of the best.  In keeping with "family-time", I didn't go diving (nobody else can), but we did go to sting ray alley which was extremely cool.  We were smart and lucky enough to book ahead of time with a non-cruiseship company so we got to go in a semi-private boat before the hordes of tourists arrived.

Basically you goto this sandbar in the middle of nowhere and there are probably like 20-30 sting rays flopping about in the neck high water.  You get to feed them squid and everybody screams.  Good fun.  As the official cruise ship tours arrived we booked it to go snorkling on the outer reef.

After diving, we checked out some of the beaches.  My parents really like visiting the big fancy hotels and I enjoy it too.  Some of them are so nice.  The architecture and tropical environment.  After that, our time was up... back to the boat!


From David Weiskopf on Feb 28th, 2007

Hey man, I don't know how to just write something back, but the stingray thing sounds sweet, watch out you don't turn out like Steve Irwin. The under water shots look good. But yah windsurfing is def. the priority, lol. Taker easy