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Port o' call #2 - Cozumel

Written on: Tuesday December 27th, 2005

A journal entry from: Caribbean Cruise 2006

The next day we arrived in Cozumel, a little farther north on the coast. There had actually been a terrible hurricane (Hurricane Wilma) a couple weeks before us and the island town was still in shambles. The dock had been washed out and a lot of the beaches and beach front areas were still collapsed or closed.

The commercial areas of Cozumel were still open but I was able to convince some members of my family to walk the streets and explore rather then outright shopping. We took in the destruction of the town and mingled with some of the locals and listened to their stories, buying little trinkets and whatnot to help them out.  Unfortnately there wasn't much we could do so decided to explore the coast.

We ended up driving across the island to a little beach area that hadn't been hit so hard and was re-built quickly. Because of our dilligence in researching places before we arrive, we were able to escape the horde of other cruisers and laze about in a much less touristy sense.  We enjoyed another amazing lunch and swam about.  The coral reefs were damaged in the hurricane but still beautiful.

After a couple hours of soaking in the sun, we headed back for the boat.  Next stop, Cayman Islands. 


From Jen on Feb 24th, 2007

Love the new workings on the site.... although am taking a couple days hiatus from posting. Hahah. Still more to come, though!!