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Costa Maya

Written on: Monday December 26th, 2005

A journal entry from: Caribbean Cruise 2006

Our first port of call was in Mexico. The quaint town of Costa Maya. I didn't know this at the time and found out after we had left but Costa Maya was pretty much manufactured to give a "rural, small town" feel. I should have realized since there wasn't much to do except shop. Anyways, it was actually very nice even if it was cheating on us.

Due to my hatred of shopping, and Costa Maya's manufactured inability to do anything but, I sat right down on the beach. A bunch of beers in and some swimming in the crystal waters was more then enough to make me happy. Costa Maya is pretty isolated along the Mexican east coast, closer to Belize and the water and sea life was definately a reflection of how beautifully unpoisoned by a large city and prolonged tourist trampling the isolation brings. Unfortunately this will not last due to is draw as a cruise ship stop (yes I recognize the irony of me being apart of the problem I'm complaining about).

One of my favourite things of coastal Mexico is the food. In Canada anyways, Mexican food is like what the california roll is to sushi. Ground beef, cheese, sour cream and other things almost never make it down in Mexico. Its all seafood and baked dishes. Of course its a little sad to watch someone slather ketchup on a baked snapper quesadilla, but whatever works for ya I guess?!

Our stay was a short one, but already filled with good memories of hanging out on the beach with my family, being dragged shopping with my at-the-time girlfriend and just hanging out in Mexico.


From Jen on Feb 21st, 2007

Hahahah thanks. There's loads more where this is all coming from - I am just getting started!!