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Written on: Sunday March 20th, 2005

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

Sarah and I arrived in Bangkok via the train from Surat Thani.  We made our way to Khao San.  We had made arrangements to meet with Simon and Drew and we were lucky enough to get a room at the same place they were staying.  We actually had an awesome week in Bangkok, sightseeing, partying, and celebrating St. Patty's day: Thai-Style!  We had to wait almost 5 days to get all my visas for Cambodia and Vietnam and nicely enough Simon and Drew didn't mind waiting a bit for my stuff to clear.  Oh yeah, and Sarah's friend wasn't coming until the end of the week so we decided to stay with her until he came.

One day we went to MBK which is the enormous mall complex a super nice part of Bangkok.  It has like 3 huge towers situated around an intersection and seems like a big comsumer hub of Bangkok.  Tons of shopping (yay...), and sights.  The stores are very similar to anything in Canada/US but they did have some crazy gimicks and displays.

We went and saw the Ring 2, which was horrid, but one of the few movies offered in english.  At the start of every movie, they play this 5 min video and song about the King of Thailand and you have to stand and watch.  Its actually awesome because everyone loves the King and he seems like a cool guy.  We went bowling in this crazy futuristic bowling alley and had sushi in a zen garden.  Ran into one of the Thai girls we made friends with months ago on Koh Phagnan who had a crush on Simon and chatted with her for awhile.  All without leaving the mall!

We celebrated St. Pattys day on Khao San in this huge multi-story bar called The Center which is in the middle of Khao San Road.  We usually spent our evenings there drinking and playing pool, but on St. Pattys day it was crazy; turns out travellers like to drink.  The thai band rocked out some weird renditions of Irish drinking songs all night and we had terrible hangovers the next morning.  We also met this Irish dude named Cormack who lived with a hot Thai girl.  He was kind of a dork but fun to hang around with.  We also had a close encounter with the Koh Samui Daffy and saw him yelling and berrating some travellers in the middle of Khao San.  We tried to avoid him but he spotted me and dragged me into his conflict but I deftly outmanuevered him and disappeared, never to meet again.

We spent some time at the sights of Bangkok, feeling much more adventerous then the last time we were here.  We visited the Grand Palance, Emerald Buddha, and more.  Overall, I LOVE Bangkok.  It is one of my favourite cities; full of culture, fun, and adventure.