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Written on: Monday March 14th, 2005

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

Phuket was quite a change from Phi Phi.  As it got hit just as hard as Phi Phi, we were expecting devastation on a similar scale, but Phuket was rocking pretty hard.  Sure there was rubble and some of the beach front hotels were closed or the bottom half of them shutdown, but everything was still humming along pretty good.  It was A LOT more touristy then any of the other places we'd been in Thailand, particularly with european travellers.  It was more like a giant resort so none of us were all that thrilled with it, but we did make the best of it.

We only stayed for a couple days.  One, it was really expensive, and two it was similar in activities to Koh Phangan, but even more touristy.  All you could really do was drink.  Which we did.

We spent one of the nights going out for a huge dinner. It was frowned upon at the time to eat fish because it was perceived as you were eating the dead as many bodies had been pulled out to sea, but there is a big Israeli presence in Phuket so we had lots of that.  Mitch and Katie left so Sarah, Tom, Dave, Carrie, and I went for a night on the town, bar hopping a long the strip.

We ended up getting absolutely smashed at some bar on the beach, but in Thailand, especially in high tourist areas, the bars a little different.  Each bar area acutally has like 40 small bars in it, each one has a name or a number, depending on how much the owners care, and they're really just a circular bar.  They all look exactly the same but each one has different girls or drinks and the best ones are really made up of the particular people at that bar.  So we floated around until we settled down on one with a great Thai bartender.

In this particular bar complex, each bar had a bell on it, everytime you rang the bell, you'd pay 500 or 1000 Baht ($15-$30) and everyone at the bar would get a shot.  We sat down at a particularly noisy bar and eventually the bartender and bar girls were just giving us drinks for free.  Sarah and Carrie were dancing on top of the bar and stuffing limes down their shirts, Dave was smacking little boys with bunches of roses (longer story), and we were all hammering down Sangsom whiskey.  It was the first and one of only three nights I got absolutely obliterated (the next being St. Patricks day in Bangkok, and the other being the 20th Anniversary of the Full Moon Party on Haad Rin).

After a terrible morning and some more exploring we ditched out of Phuket and headed back across the mainland to Koh Samui (I can't remember why, I think we were supposed to meet someone?)