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Phi Phi

Written on: Thursday March 10th, 2005

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

We arrived at Phi Phi by boat. It was a nice motor over and we met an english couple that would eventually get me turned onto Muse, but as we arrived into the bay, we saw the full extent of the tsunami destruction.

The whole front beach line of the dock side of Phi Phi was absolutely destroyed. The hostels and restaurants that lined the beach front were in complete shambles. In the water, you could see sunken boats and entire houses way down beneath the crystal blue ocean. A hush fell over the other passengers on the boat and we landed at a makeshift, temporary dock.

Phi Phi is very small and there are no car streets, just walking streets, but there were a couple of bikes to help move things around. We hopped in one and made our way to a bungalow, along the way surveying the complete destruction of the island. Every building was collapsed, blood smears, broken glass, and the stench of death.

We arrived at our bungalow and were set up in one of the few rooms that hadn't been destroyed. The rooms next to ours had their doors smashed in, windows broken, destruction everywhere. We did meet some fantastic people here though: Mitch and Katie, two Austrailians, and a gaggle of Englands' finest, Tom, Dave, and Carrie. We spent a couple days with them hoping to help in the cleanup effort. Unfortunately, at the time, there was no aide money and cleanup was at a standstill. There was no way to get all the rubble off the island, so basically everyone was pushing everything in circles. Depressing when you want to help, but nothing you do really matters.

Instead we decided to support some of the locals and live it up as much as we could, spend our money. We went on a tour to Phi Phi Lei, which is where the movie The Beach was filmed. It also has a crazy pirate cave and some good diving. Sarah and I went on a snorkle trip and then went on another with the rest of our friends the next day.

We also went hiking around the island and had a brush in with one of my favourite actors, Danny Dyer, who was filming a documentary for MTV UK. Aside from that, Phi Phi was very sobering and we realized quickly how useless we where there. We decided maybe we could be of more help on Phuket.


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