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Written on: Saturday December 25th, 2004

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

After 22 hours of flying, sleeping, and watching horrific American cinema (Mr. 3000), Sarah and I arrived in Bangkok.

Landing in Bangkok was pretty intense for me. To make the transition easier, we had rented a hotel over the internet so we could crash there upon arriving. We were both pretty worked and it proved to be an excellent idea, although I probably wouldn't do it again. I was also taking malaria pills at the time and one of the side effects were "Night Terrors!", and they actually screwed me up quite a bit. I stopped taking them immediately.

Bangkok was actually a little too intense for us at the time and we decided to book it down to the coast for a bit to chill out. We would return to Bangkok later and I absolutely LOVE that city, but at the time we were kinda sketched out. We booked a trip down to Koh Phangan after a couple days but before we went we did settle in a bit and went sightseeing. We went and saw some of the smaller temples, took a ride on the river taxis and visited some floating markets. We went to the Golden Mound which is still one of my favourite sites to see, its a small mountain in the middle of Bangkok with a temple surrounding it and it has fantastic views of the city. The temple next to the Golden Mound as being restored so we were able to watch as they gold-leafed doors and pillars in excruiating detail by hand.

After a couple days of light sightseeing, we boarded a bus for the overnight haul down to Surat Thani and from there Koh Phangan.