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Written on: Friday June 10th, 2005

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2005

Well, we're back in Thailand. We took a democratic vote and results ended us up in Thailand again for the last 2 weeks of our trip instead of heading up towards Halong Bay. Can't complain tho. It'll be nice to relax on Haad Rin again, plus we're there for the 20th Anniversary of the Full Moon Party and its gonna be a HUGE one. There are reports of bomb scares all around Haad Rin so its a little tense but there isn't much we can do about it. The Thai police have locked down the streets into Haad Rin so everyone is complaining about the lack of drugs around but as far as I can tell, they do that every Full Moon Party to drive up the prices!

I'm also getting some suits made for the dreaded job search upon my return to Canada. Only good tailors are on Samui so I have to boat and motorbike my way over to Chaweng Beach every couple of days for fittings. When you rent mopeds, you should wear a helmet, now pretty much nobody does BUT if you watch carefully, every now and then EVERYONE except the farang wear helmets. These are unofficial helmet days apparently and the locals know by mysterious means that there will be helmet checks by the police. I got trapped one day swerving through the traffic on my way from Lamai. The tickets are only like $10, but still, only farang seem to get them.

Its sad wrapping up a trip like this. I've been away for so many months and the countries are so beautiful that it sucks to leave. If you've ever been to SEA, you'll know what I mean. I've always wondered before I left, why people who have been choose to return instead of going somewhere new? Now I know.


From Sadie Feist on Jan 18th, 2007

Wow Bryan, I LOVE Footstops! Let me know if there is anything I can help out with, ie. marketing, advertising, etc. I'm at your disposal!! ;)

From Ashley Rite on Feb 1st, 2007

bry... looking awesome. i leave for mexico in a few weeks so this will be started. love and miss you!

From Dana on Feb 4th, 2007

thanks Bryan! sorry, i didn't realise i could add journal entries instead of starting new trip. i guess i just thought of them as separate trips:) even though essentially i guess they are all part of the same big trip. your trips look amazing too!!!

From avril on Feb 9th, 2007

Check it out Bryan, I put up photos and everything! You should be proud of me :)

From Danba on Feb 9th, 2007

Hey! thanks so much for your help... I am finally getting the hang of this thing. What a cool site!!! I am telling everyone i know about it! yeah, could you please add "crossing the atlantic" and "palma de mallorca" in with "europe on a yacht" in my trips? that would be awesome! thanks ever so much.

From "april" on Feb 9th, 2007

that's right, i'm a posting maniac! i love footstops... a great way to procrastinate at work! :)

From Jake R on Feb 12th, 2007

cheers Bry, site looks sweet!.. as does your last trip... keep up the good work!

From Jen on Feb 14th, 2007

So are you the Bryan who set up this whole deal? It's pretty cool - I am inspired by my sister adding all her Indo stuff (ok and maybe a bit competitive) and vow that with this Estonian trip that I will be that dedicated, too. Hahah. How do you get your map showing all of the points on it? I just enter where I am going (apparently St. David's in Wales does not exist, so not that one... hah) and that's it - is there something more that I should be doing? By the way - I REALLY want to travel s.e. Asia!

From Jen on Feb 17th, 2007

Thanks.... haven't decided if I am going to move them all around or not.. kinda thinking not. However, my Cardiff photos keep showing up under my Estonia trip - are you able to move them so that they show up in Wales? That'd be awesome. Thanks for all your help :) Now that I am figuring this site out, I think it's pretty awesome.

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