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Mount Tibidabo

Written on: Monday June 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Blitz the Med

Being a bright and sunny day, I decided to make the hike up to Mount Tibidabo, part of the mountains enwrapping Barcelona. It was off of the tourist season so a lot of the transportaion wasn't working or open so there was a fair amount of hiking and sweating involved. But totally worth it.

I took a bus out to the closest point to the mountain. From there you are supposed to take the Tram Bleu but as I said, non-operational, so I decided to hike up the lower foothills, passing by beautiful hillside villas and well manicured parks. After a sweaty hike, I arrived at the base of the mountain where an electric trolley took me up the rest of the mountain. I'm sure this part is usually quiet busy, but being offseason, not a sole was to be seen!

I arrived at the top and was treated to the most beautiful view of all of Barcelona:

At the very top of the mountain is a church and an amusment park. The amusment park wasn't open either but probably would have been fun. Not as scary as the rollercoasters in Vegas, but still fun being at the top of the world. After exloring the church and enjoying the sun, I headed off for the long trip back down to town.


From Hanife on Oct 25th, 2015

First time I heard a fisher cat I thouhgt a baby was being tortured. I ran outside and saw a huge fisher cat cornering my cat on the porch. My dog ran outside and scared it off, it came back several times that week, I warned all the neighbors that there was one in the area and to keep their dogs and cats inside.