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Travel Journal: Guatemala Study Abroad 2009


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Dec 5th 2008
It's Coming!
Dec 7th 2008
Preparing for the trip
Jan 3rd 2009 Just arrived in Antigua
Jan 3rd 2009
Just arrived in Antigua
Jan 5th 2009
A mellow day (Jan 4-5)
Jan 7th 2009 Very frustrated
Jan 10th 2009
Jan 9-10
Jan 15th 2009 A slow couple of days
Jan 17th 2009
Guatemala City
Jan 20th 2009
El Estor y Rabinal
Jan 26th 2009
Back in Antigua again
Feb 3rd 2009
Tour of Antigua
Feb 12th 2009 Not a lot at the moment
Feb 17th 2009 Mom and Roger are here!
Feb 22nd 2009 Climbing Pacaya
Feb 23rd 2009
Safe and sound
Mar 3rd 2009
Bad at this
Mar 13th 2009 Really bad at this!
Mar 15th 2009 Not going anywhere
Mar 16th 2009
Late random photos
Mar 20th 2009 In El Salvador
Mar 24th 2009
Back from El Sal and Heading for Tikal
Apr 2nd 2009
Tikal and Critters!
Apr 6th 2009 Oscar and El Salvador
Apr 9th 2009 Enjoying El Sal
Apr 11th 2009 Whoops
Apr 13th 2009
Back from El Sal
Apr 16th 2009 Take THAT school!
Apr 20th 2009 Back in Antigua... again
Apr 20th 2009 Going to Honduras
Apr 22nd 2009 Finally in Utila, Honduras
Apr 23rd 2009
Pictures of Semuc Champey
Apr 25th 2009
Enjoying Utila
Apr 28th 2009 The beginning of my journey home
Apr 29th 2009 Flight home
May 1st 2009 HOME!

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