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Enjoying the sun in Seville

Written on: Wednesday November 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Our European Adventure

Well, currently in Seville, Spain where it has been nothing but blue skies, sunshine and 20 + degree temperatures the whole time so i canīt really complain.  The only negative thing to say is that you can see all the sights in a couple days so now we have to find something to keep us occupied until saturday when we catch a flight to Lisbon.  i guess worst case scenerio i lounge in the sun and enjoy it before heading back to another lovely Canadian winter.  Rented bikes today with a few other travellers from the hostel for a few hours to help pass the time..if Seville had a beach it would be great but we have to settle for a river which you wouldnīt want to swim in.  Anyhow Lisbon sounds promising from what we have heard so I am looking forward to that.

 Hope the weather hasnīt turned too cold back home, see you all again soon.



From Aunt Kristyn on Nov 28th, 2007

Hey there... still having a great time I can see. I'm so happy you two had this wonderful opportunity to explore the world. As much as I am sure you miss us all I bet you really don't want to come back to reality. But I think you should - this adventure of yours has started to take a toll on your Grandpa. I?ve been reading his blogs and he's sounding rather overworked and well, underpaid too by the sounds of it. You better come home and save the ole guy... But in the mean time enjoy the days of adventure you have left. Live life to the fullest Bud. We'll talk to you when you return home. Safe and Happy travels!! Love from aunt kd and the boys.

From Your Loving Mother! on Nov 29th, 2007

In hind sight I should have given you money to purchase me some jewellery in Spain - a bangle or braclet!!! Oh well, I will leave it until next time you travel. We are very cold here and I am jealous that you are basking by the river in 20 degrees temperatures!! Thank you for remembering the kids birthdays! We had a busy time -- lots to tell you when you get home. Grandpa isn't working that hard - he just wants you home for Christmas!!!! Enjoy the balance of your trip. Really looking forward to having you home back in Canada! LOVE YOU LOTS!

From Grandpa on Nov 29th, 2007

Yes I am still alive .I did get the day off yesterday...reason : your mother,your grandmother,your sister Toni and her girlfriend Annie went to the yearly women show in Toronto (frills,trills and BILLS) Grandma bought me a pillow (something to put my poor head on...help Brent !!!)Lisboa...I was there in 1952,a very old but very clean city;actually the cleanest city I have ever seen ...I hope it is still that way . Underpaid :no way...grandma keeps all the money...which is for the better...so grandma says !You must be thinking about me:last night I had a dream that we were together in Lisbonne...and then you wake up @!%&**!!! Take care guy, Love you ...Grandma ,Gradpa .

From Aunt Leigh-Anne on Dec 2nd, 2007

Hi, Brent I have to admit, I have being crazy with work so I have not been checking out your site for the past few weeks. OMG!!! you have WELL covered Britain and Europe! Up and down and all over! A trip of a life time, wow! I understand you will be back for Xmas... that is awesome! Looking forward to seeing your pics when you get back. Enjoy Lisbon! It has been snowing and freezing rain here all last night and today... winter will welcome you with open arms when you arrive back home so enjoy the 20 degree weather while you can. See you soon. Love Aunt Leigh-Anne and the Fevery clan

From Grandma on Dec 2nd, 2007

I am here with Aunt Connie visiting Aunt Terry-Lou and Uncle Norm in Florida. The weather is in the 80's. Just came back from the pool area and a walk. Glad you are having such a great time. Enjoy your warm weather because I hear at home it is really cold. Can't wait to see all of your pictures. Take care and have lots of fun on your remaining time away. Love Grandma