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Day 3 - Re-enforcing my calling

Written on: Friday February 13th, 2009

A journal entry from: Minneapolis, MN

So most of the day was relaxing and walking around town. I ate breakfast in the resturant in my hotel. I had what they called "World's Best Pancakes," and I didn't feel that title fit them. I then met up with Amy and we went site seeing. I wanted to see the Stone Arch Bridge so we took a bus, overshot our stop and had to walk back 6 blocks. It was 14 degrees out. We got to the bridge and I got some nice shots of the frozen Mississippi River and the St. Anthony Falls. I also saw a Hank puppy running with his master. :) We also saw the old Mill ruins under the Stone Arch Bridge. Had it not been so cold and my fingers and legs not felt as though they were frost bitten, I might have explored them more in depth. We ducked into an entry way in a building to warm up and then headed back to hotel to get things for ATF.

About 5pmish we walked to Aquire the Fire convention. ATF is a convention for teens to teach them

  • About Christ's life, love, and interaction with his disciples.
  • About Christ's sacrifice and what it demands of their lives.
  • How to maintain pure relationships (split gender specific session)
  • How to make God's word a lifeline for their own life
  • How to live their faith with conviction and love
  • What it really means to honor their parents.

It's really awesome to see sooo many youths in one place and worshipping. :0) It really made me realize that I should pursue my calling a little better than I do.  I spent a lot of time watching the youth and praying for them. I went to Youth leader infomercials and seminars and talked with a few people about youth leader trainings and I'm attending one on May 19 in NYC :). The event also was sponsered by Global Expeditions, which specializes in Youth missions trips.

I was praying before this trip that I'd get at least one thing from it. I got a few. The first was that I wasn't wrong on my calling, as I so thought. God re-enforced that it was His call and so now I really am sure and so I'm more on fire to follow through. :) The second thing I learned is how gullible and blind I tend to be at times. My "friend" I went to see looked miserable and unhappy the entire time we were at the seminar. She didn't stand for worship and she didn't participate and looked down at me for doing so. She is going to college for Youth Ministry!!! It opened my eyes to the fact that some people may just do things to make themselves look good when in fact that have no real calling for that. I was moved and touched and just wanted to take all 40,000 kids in my arms and hug them. She sat there like this was the biggest waste of time, yet said she was blessed by it...I just don't get it. She was also the one that said she wanted to go and pushed it on me. I thank God for that because it really opened my eyes.

I ask some favors of you that are reading...1st is that you pray for those children that re-dedicated their lifes to Christ, because hundreds said they weren't living biblically and wanted to and hundreds of teen girls vowed to stay pure, even if they haven't. So I ask that you pray for them because it's hard being a teen in this day and age and it's harder being a Christian teen. 2nd I ask that you pray for my friend Amy who is so lost that she doesn't even see it. Depressed one day, high the next. She needs to really seek Him for guidance instead of me. I realized on this trip how much she truly takes ALL I say to heart and follows it (for the most part) and how not good that is because she follows me rather than to seek God. This only causes tension because it's always "I DID THIS BC YOU TOLD ME TO" and I don't want that and God has showed me this is not a good thing.

Thanks for reading!