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Day 1 : Navigating Airports

Written on: Wednesday February 11th, 2009

A journal entry from: Minneapolis, MN

So, today was my first time every hopping on a place to fly someplace all by myself. Normally I fly in a group and they purchase ticket and do everything and all I have to do is come along. Well, anxiety was high because the last time I was on a plane was in 1998 and I went to Florida!! Got to the airport via my good ole' Uncle Steve. He is the best!! I still owe him a coffee! oops! He got me to the airport by 4am! The line to go through security wasn't long at all and I just watched everyone else and followed what they did....a snap! Plane ride was good for the first little plane. Second plane (S80) I could care less about! It was jerky and I wasn't happy in it. It was much bigger than my first plane. So American Airlines got me to MN by 10:25, 10 minutes early. :) Josh was on his way. MN airport was weird in it's setup but I figured out where my luggage was and it came out the shoot third :) Lucky me! Josh arrived and carried me away to my hotel. A 40 min trip via the light rail. Once at the hotel we went off to have lunch at this Macy's buffet place. Awesome salad and soup! Then we walked around and back to my hotel to wait for Amy. Amy arrived about 2:45 (MN time). We exchanged gifts and hugs and pleasantries and then we scheduled to do a movie night with Josh. We went and saw Valkyrie. It's a movie about the holocaust! Great movie! Josh fell asleep and it was his idea to go! HAHA! Then we went back to hotel and called it a night. I was sooooo tired!