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Minnewaska Preserve, New York

Written on: Saturday August 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Random Road Trips


I decided before I went to bed last night that I was going to go take some pictures today. I've had this bug the past two weeks to take pictures and be outside and last weekend it just didn't happen. I had too much to do, so I made a point to go this weekend. :)

My friend Rob and I set off with no place in mind to see what kind of cool things we could find. When we left Stratford we decided that most times we head South or Southeast, so this time we headed North. We got to about Union County in NJ when we decided to head to NY to this place he had been once before. Armed with the GPS, just in case we got lost, we were set for an adventure.

Well we reached our destination with only a slight help from GPS and there were a lot of places up there ripe for the picture taken, sooo we decided on Minnewaska Preserve. Mostly because it was the cheapest park there, and because it was the place that Rob had been before.

We walked around and I must say it's a very nice spot if you have a romantic interest in mind. I saw many a couple sprawled out on blankets near the pristine lake up on the beautiful mountain sides. It would also be a great place to just sprawl out on a blanky with a good book in hand and just soak up the wonders of God's love!! As I walked around this park I thanked God for the many beautiful creations. The weather was great - about 80 degrees or so. The sky was a deep blue with some sporadic clouds. It was just a GREAT great day to be out in God's Country!