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Day 6: Departure

Written on: Monday March 16th, 2009

A journal entry from: Minneapolis, MN

I was so anxious to get home. I missed it so much!

I was due to meet Amy and Josh at Hell's Kitchen for breakfast. I walked all alone, my first time since being in MN, to the Hell's Kitchen. (Josh did this little dance thing to help me remember how to get there...LOL) I was there and Josh came but Amy didn't. This hurt me deeply, as she was still being selfish. She cared more about her pride then to see her friend, who just flew half way across the country to see her. I prayed as I stood there that she would open her eyes and she didn't. She did eventually agree to meet Josh and me at hotel after breakfast to take my to airport. Well we had some time so we were debating on culvers (i really wanted that ice cream again) or some place else. We ended up deciding on some ice cream place a short bus ride up the road. Half way there Amy jumps off pissy again and says our relationship is over. I just don't understand why she gets so mad at me because of her brother. I don't understand why she just doesn't listen to things people say that may help her, instead of getting mad and reacting. So Josh and I continued to Ice Cream place. I had a Pavorotti Sundae. Pavaroti Ice cream (banana and choc chips) with hot caramel and hot mixed nutz! YUM!! Then we dashed off to airport. I made it with 15 mins to race to my plane. I made it to waiting area with 2 mins to spare, no thanks to security line!! While catching my breath waiting for my plane Amy starts with I have her stuff and she wants it and I'm like what stuff and she is like you know what stuff and I told her I don't need the games right now. After talking to Josh apparently she wanted back the gifts she gave me when I got to MN. *sigh* and if I didn't give them to her she threatened to call airport security. GREAT! Just what I needed. I wanted to be home more than anything and she was causing issues. It's not my fault she didn't come give me a hug goodbye and it's not my fault she is angry inside. I did all I can do. It's in God's and her hands now.

On the plane I go....No one next to me....I got to wait in plane in Chicago, because I was just gona reboard the same plane and I asked to stay on. The flight attendants said sure...AWESOME for me!! I watched them clean and restock food and fuel and load luggage and I got soda and snacks. :) Then off to Philly I went!! I was never happier than when that plane touched down and I was so close to home! Chris came and got me and off I was to my bed. :)

Minneapolis is a great little city.