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Cable Beach

Written on: Thursday July 24th, 2008

A journal entry from: Looking ahead

Well here we are in beautiful Broome, and living a life of luxury pretending to be two of the beautiful people who can actually afford to stay at Cable Beach Resort. It is certainly some place! I didn't expect the Chinese theme throughout with Xian warriors greeting us at the entrance and stone horses, elephants, dragons decorating the manicured and gorgeous tropical gardens. Of course the suits are lovely, each with their own small balcony, none of which actually lookout over the wtaer though. The view can be had from the Bar and cafe at the front where we have breakfast and have had our evening meals. There are two large pools - a family pool and an adults only pool. And then of course you can walk just overthe road for a dip in the Indian Ocean (20 degrees but seemed colder after the pools)

Todya we move from the luxury of Cable Beach to the normality ( but still very nice I'm sure) Mercure Hotel in town which is about 5km away. We will soend tomorrwo roaming around the town before catching our flight back to Adelaide, via Perth. The whole trip has been marvellous with so many wonderful sights to see. I have put on about 4 kg with all the eating we have been doing - far too many buffets where you eat just because you can! You can imagine how Rob has loved that. He has been amazing on the tour, achieving much more than I think he believed that he could. From his initial concerns about spending so much time with strangers he has been almost in tears at having to say goodbye to them, and there have been a couple of friendships made which I'm sure will continue.

Sorry I haven't been able to upload any photos. I will do that when I get home. It just takes too long when you have limited time on computers.

See you all soon!!