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Julia and Karin in France

Written on: Tuesday May 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

Last week, Julia and Karin came to visit.  It was a good one. 

The first night they were in Rouen (I was very proud of how they made it here all on there own - I can't believe it actually) we joined the party in the downstairs of my residence for the weekly pizza night.  I treated them to the yummy 1.50 euro pizza and we had some wine before heading off to bed.

Wednesday morning we were waken up early by maintenance men coming by to change my rideaux at 9am.  I had to let them know that they had already done my room the day before but quickly went to warn Hannah that they were coming to do hers.  We spent most of the mornining listening to them drill into the walls.  Just before lunch, we set off for downtown, picking up picnic materials along the way (baguette, strawberries, grapes and cheese).  We went to the park, ate and then toured the town a bit, did a bit of shopping.  Later that night, we went back into town for the running dinner.  This means that we went to one French student's place for our appetizer, another's for main course and a last for dessert. 

Thursday we met up at the train station (which the girls got to after getting on the wrong bus - my fault for not telling them the bus number) after my class.  We spent the rest of the day doing a lot of walking, getting a nice dinner close to the eiffel tower (where I got Karin addicted to Chevre chaud salad) and then had a little photo shoot at the tower.

Friday, the day the gals left for Belgium, we shopped around the Montmartre area and went to Sacre Coeur.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go in the church b/c both Julia and Karin were wearing tank tops and they needed to have their shoulders covered.  Then we said our goodbyes at the subway and they went on to catch their bus and I to kill time before my train to Annecy later in the day.