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Written on: Sunday April 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

Prior to coming to France, I wasn?t a big wine drinker.  Yet with its availability everywhere, cheap prices and high quality, I decided to take advantage.  Even better, many wine regions have free tastings.  So, I decided to head to Chablis in Burgundy for some wine and a good meal. 

I spent the night in a town called Tonnerre where I was able to get a room for 19 Euros.  (That was lucky.  I had called ahead of time and even had a room number but when I checked in, my name wasn?t there ? but the room still was so I got it).

Early the next morning I caught a regional bus to Chablis.  I arrived before 9am and thought it would be a little aggressive to start tasting this early so found a café and sat down with a croissant for a bit.  I began my tastings around 10, went to 4 different places and can now honestly say that I don?t like Chardonnay (the kind of wine they make in Chablis).  Oh well, it was free.  The bus went back to Tonnerre at noon but my train back to Paris didn?t leave until 4 so I had time to kill. 

Burgundy is known for its food. Beouf Bourginon, Coq au vin, etc.  I found a restaurant that had a lunch menu for 10 euro that included a main and dessert.  I ordered the Beouf Bourginon and Tarte au Pomme for dessert.  My food came surprisingly fast.  Looking at my plate, it looked like all mushrooms and no meat. (A bit disappointing since I don?t really like mushrooms but I still gave it a try).  Interestingly, the ?mushroom? tasted like meat, but not beef.  I then remembered my waitress telling me that the special was rogneau de porc.  From prior experience, I know that this is kidney and that is exactly what my food tasted like.  I let my waitress know and the problem was soon remedied.  The meal was delicious.  Mom, your Beouf Bourginon is just as good though.  The dessert was one of the best I?ve ever had ? and that?s saying something seeing as it wasn?t chocolate.

After lunch I went to check out the Fosse Dione (a spring pumping our a lot of water) and then went back to Paris to meet up with Jaimie and Hannah to go out that night.