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Friday the 13th - Barcelona

Written on: Saturday April 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

Our trip to Barcelona was supposed to begin on Thursday, April 12th.  However, due to a story that I will share momentarily, it didn?t begin until the doomed Friday the 13th. 

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:00pm on the Thursday.  We arrived at the airport (luckily about 15 minutes before the check in desk closed) and were given priority through security.  After boarding, an announcement was made that due to a strike by the air traffic controllers (finally, I get to experience the French strike I was promised) our flight would be delayed about two hours, now leaving around midnight.  On top of this, Kaley had sprained (at this point we weren?t sure if it was broken or what) her ankle an hour before we left but was determined to come so we had to find ice for her?which was on short supply because of the delay.

We finally arrived in ?Barcelona? (actually an airport over an hour away) at 2 am, took a shuttle bus and then taxi to get to our hostel just after 3am.  Good thing Laura had warned them we might be late as there was a strict 3am curfew and there were definitely people they left locked out.  (However, being as it was Barcelona, it wouldn?t be hard to occupy yourself until they re-opened at 7am the next morning).

The next day we took Kaley to the hospital ? never go to a public hospital in Barcelona ? and then Jaimie, Laura and I walked around the city for a bit.  We met back up with Kaley late afternoon (she hadn?t broke it?although the doctor gave her the ex-rays and told her to make sure) and then went out for a bit. 

Day two in Barcelona was spent on a guided biking tour.  It was great to ride around?especially on my sweet, hot purple bike that I named Beatrice.  That night we did a pub crawl that was awesome.  The last stop was a club right on the pier.  Kaley and I left at 3 (considered weak for Barcelona), got ripped off by a cabbie big time and went back to the hostel.  The other girls came back at 6 and said that the streets were still packed.

For our last day in Barcalona, we went to Park Guell, a long bus ride but well worth it.  This is an amazing park that has a bunch of Gaudi?s works in it.  We spent the day lazing around here and then participated in a Spanish cooking class where we made tapas, Sangria and Paella. (I have recipes if anyone?s interested).  Jaimie and I were taking a 6am flight the next morning which meant we had to catch our shuttle at 3:30 so we checked out of the hostel and killed time until then.  We went out for drinks, witnessed a mugging and played some cards. 

Even though we did no museums, etc. and the weather was not Barcelona?s best, I loved this city.