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Spring in France

Written on: Saturday April 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

Life in Europe has been pretty relaxed.  Classes require MUCH less work, I have no club commitments, and I spend the majority of my time traveling.  The city of Rouen has been pretty good to me.  Although I must admit that I actually live in the suburb of Mont St. Aignan.  I decided to stop paying for the bus (6 euros for 10 rides) and began walking into town or to Carrefour for groceries, each about a ˝ hour walk each way.  This made sense to me as it will also help make up for all the croissants and Nutella I love to consume. 

This term, I have three classes on Tuesday, after which I get back at 8pm and will usually go to Café Ango.  This is run downstairs in our residence every Tuesday and Friday evening by a student in the area.  They sell pizza as well as other snack items for very cheap. 

Days when I don?t have class, I entertain myself by going for a walk into town, to the grocery store, or surfing the net.  Celeste just lent me a really interesting book (Kitchen Confidential) so I?ve been reading a bit as well.  I have become an avid fan of The Office, Arrested Development, 24 and other TV series? since that?s how we spend a lot of our time. 

Since spring arrived and everything has bloomed, maing this place look awesome.  They seem to have a lot of trees around that look like apple trees but I?m not sure.  There are also some great views from the walk to town since Mont St. Aignan is up on a bit of a hill.

This place is just full of surprises.  This past weekend I finally went to explore the paths behind our school and my residence.  Up until a few weeks ago, they were too sloppy due to the constant rain.  Turns out they?re a great find.  I?ll admit, I got lost the first time I went for a jog and I get a bit creeped out by all the wildlife.  But it?s worth it for the real ?cross country? feeling they give.  Plus, it?s a nice change to run where there isn?t always cars passing you.  Even with all this loveliness, I can?t stay too long and will likely head out on another trip.