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A taste of Heaven

Written on: Wednesday April 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

This past weekend, one of my biggest fantasies came true. Lots of chocolate, everywhere and it was free! For Easter weekend, Celeste, Hannah and I planned a trip centered around the Bruges Chocolate Festival. We took a train from Paris Gare de Nord to Brussels (my first high speed experience in Europe) and then another to Bruges. Friday, we explored the town, sampled some Belgian frites, saw some windmills and then went to a neat ice cream parlor later that evening. The next day was one of the best of my life. First of all, our hostel (Lybeers), had a buffet breakfast which we fully capitalized on. We arrived at the site of the chocolate festival early to buy tickets (10 euro). This included entrance to the two sites where chocolatiers had booths set up and demonstrations were occurring. As well, free entrance to the movie ?Chocolat? and a discount if we wanted to go to the chocolate museum. We were able to walk around and taste many different kinds of chocolates and grab more free ones for later. I even tried a chocolate that was 100% cocoa. I wouldn?t recommend it. Also, I had my first taste of fois gras?interesting, maybe not for me. At the second building there were more samples as well as a kids village. Too bad we weren?t younger or we could have painted with chocolate. Also, in the middle of the day, we took a boat ride along the Bruges canals. I?m not sure if I would recommend this, it might be better to do this in Amsterdam. I didn?t eat any real food all day. My lunch and dinner were both chocolate. (well maybe I did have an apple and jam sandwich later but it FELT like all chocolate). The movie theatre that we saw Chocolat in was the most luxurious theatre I have ever been in. The seats were huge and the arm rests were actually wide enough for both people to put their arms on. Sadly, this was our last day in Bruges as we were spending the day in Brussels before heading to Amsterdam.