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Written on: Wednesday March 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

While our trip to Naples (intended final destination was Capri) was only a day trip, our adventures warrant a complete different entry. 

We started the day off early to try and get a full day in on the island of Capri.  We found some seats in a compartment and were just waiting for the train to leave.  A family of three began entering our compartment when all of a sudden, there was some commotion among them and then the daughter (about 25 years old) yelled "My camera!".  Apparently we had just witnessed a pickpocketing first hand.  Luckily, I don't think they actually got any of their stuff.  The funniest part was that the mother ran after the criminals trying to beat them up while the dad just stood in the compartment and watched.

Next event of the day.... The train ride was supposed to be about 2 and a half hours.  By the time we got to Naples, I think it was closer to 4 hours (now 2pm).  This was because, an hour and a half into our train ride, the train just stopped...and didn't move for a whole hour.  During this time, we were told nothing about what was going on.  Finally a train person came and filled us in - in Italian.  Luckily, a woman could translate for us.   She informed us that a person had jumped infront of a train on the tracks so we were waiting for the authorities or something.  Interestingly, she made it sound like these suicides were a common occurance.

Finally arriving in Naples, we were greated by what I might just describe as the scum of the earth trying to sell us old garbage.  This was likely the dirtiest city I have ever seen.  We made our way to the ferry area where we hoped to get to Capri.  Unfortunately, after walking through the city of Naples, we decided it would be best to get back to the train station before dark.  This meant leaving the island earlier and the way the ferry times worked out, we would basically arrive at the island, hang around for an hour and then have to get a ferry back.  We decided is wasn't worth the money so found some pizza (since Naples is famous for creating it) and headed back to the train station to get back to Rome as fast as we could.  So, we really just went to Naples for the pizza, I guess. 

With that, our trip to Italy ended.  We stopped at the Trevi fountain one more time once getting back to Rome so the trip would end on a good note.  This was definately a trip I will never forget.