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Written on: Wednesday March 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

While travelling through Italy, there was no question about a stop in Rome.  With so much history and art, this city had it all. 

The day we arrived, Chris and I settled into our hostel (Alessandro's Palace).  We still had half a day ahead of us so headed toward the coloseum and grabbed some lunch along the way.  It was amazing to eat lunch on a street side patio with the giant coloseum just behind us.  We decided not to go inside and just marvel at it from the outside.  Right beside the Coloseum is the Roman Forum.  These ruins were really cool to see...and to just imagine how long ago they were there.  From the remains of some of the buildings, you could just imagine how huge the Forum would have been when it was a functioning place.  Unfortunately, we only got to see half of the forum.  I managed to lead us out of the forum (thinking we were still in it) and by the time I figured out we needed to turn around - Chris had known the whole time by I insisted he was wrong - the gates had closed.  We still got the jist of it though!  With that getting done ahead of schedule, we had time to see the Pantheon as well as the Trevi fountain. 

The next day was dedicated to the Vatican.  Here, we wandered around infront of St. Peter's and then joined the masses to check out the Sistine chapel. The line wasn't actually bad at all and we barely had to wait.  Once inside the chapel itself, we gazed at the ceiling, tried to decifer some of the paintings and watched people get into trouble for taking pictures.  After this, we went to a park that was on a hill to get some great views of the city.  Also, we went to the Spanish steps that were just PACKED (see pictures).  The trevi fountain was close by and I loved it so we went back there.  A little bit of information: throwing one coin in means a speedy return to Rome, two means you will fall in love while at the fountain and three means wedding bells soon.  I only had one coin so I guess thats a trip back to Rome for me!

That evening we went back to the Coloseum, intending to take some pictures in black and white or the retro setting on my camera.  Somehow, we completely forgot but we did still get some good night shots.

For our last day in Italy, we planned a day trip to Capri...see next entry