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Written on: Thursday March 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

So this begins my trip to Italy with Chris.  He got here Friday morning.  Thanks to the train (and maybe a bit myself) I met him at the airport an hour late.  We flew to Treviso airport (about a half hour north of Venice).  We took a bus from there to the Venice bus area and then wound our way through the Venice streets to find our hostel.  It was raining when we finally checked into our hostel (Antico Capon) at 10 pm.  Hungry, we went in search of a place for food.  Thanks to the 'Lets Go Italy' book Chris had bought, we had a few options in the same square as our hostel. we went to Al volo pizza where the slices were huge, delicious and only 1.50 Euro.  this was our first attempt at Italian.  Interestingly, the lady there didn't understand "Coke" when I asked for it.  Apparently it isn't a universal term...or she just doesn't like tourists. 

We also went to a bar to get a drink.  We found one that wasn't too packed and sat down.  Then we realized we would have to go to the bar to order but neither of us really knew how.  So we called it a night and decided to read up on some basic Italian so we could survive the next day.

Day two in Venice consisted of going to San Marco Basilica which was just gorgeous.  The whole roof of the church was covered with tiny gold tiles.  We also went to the Doges Palace and got the check out the prisions and the bridge of sighs.  Raining again that evening, we decided to go to a restaurant a little closer by where I got some mediocre gnocchi.

Probably my favourite place in Venice was the boardwalk close to Accademia where I got the best treat of my life.  A cup of whip cream with a scoop of hazelnut gelato! Beautiful sunny day and eating that while looking over the water was perfect.  We also went to Accademia art meusum and the Rialto bridge.  Dinner was fantastic.  I had pizza with gorgonzola cheese and Chris got a steak.  Next morning off to Pisa and Florence.  Yet Venice would remain my favourite stop of the whole trip.