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A weekend in Rouen

Written on: Monday February 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

I spent this past weekend in Rouen, doing basically nothing.  The goal was to get all schoolwork out of the way so that I am free to travel over the next month.  (This term is already half over).  Turns out I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I would have liked - same as usual.  Friday I feel that I did actually get stuff done.  Did some laundry.  That was a learning experience b/c the dryers here don't work so my room was just covered with tonnes of clothes hanging from everywhere.  I also took my bed sheets to the lingerie for a fresh pair.  Went for a jog to get a new bus pass (6 Euros for 10 rides) and picked up a schedule from the movie theatre...in case we need some entertainment sometime. That night Hannah and I headed into town to meet up with a group that was supposed to be planning a trip for the exchange students.  We were late or they didn't show but we didn't connect with them.  We did run into 2 German girls so we went to a cute Jazz bar and got some good chocolat chaud.  Saturday was a shopping day for me.  I walked into town (it took about 45 minutes).  I picked up an awesome pair of patent leather pumps for 20 Euro, a plain tank to wear under stuff, researched hotels for mom and dad to stay in Rouen and got my watch fixed.  I met up with Hannah and we toured around a little more.  All the boulangie's were offering 4 pain au chocolat for 2 Euro or even 5 crossiants for 1.60 euro. I got a crossiant aux amandes instead.  That brought back memories of my first time in France. Sunday I started to get some work done but I also wanted to go back into town b/c I had heard that museums were free the first Sunday of every month.  Turns out not so much; just the municipal and ones and not even fully.  At the musee des Beaux Art, only one room (with 2 paintings) was free.  I wanted to find the Education museum and turned out that I had to walk through the Rouen ghetto to get to it - that was interesting. And then it wasn't free and I'm not a big museum person in the first place so I just left.  I did see the tower where Joan of Arc was held before her trial though so I guess my trip was somewhat worthwhile. 

Today, Monday, was a wicked day.   The school council here was having a carnaval so there was free food and games everywhere.  I had a hamburger and pizza for lunch and they also was lots of bons bons that satisfied my sweet tooth.  We also got some barbe de papa (literally translated as Papa's beard but actually cotton candy).  Man, free food and lots of games made my day great.  Tonight we are heading into town to celebrate being in France for a month.  We are going to try and make it a monthly tradition but we'll have to see...you never know when the money might run out.

As an update, we just got back.  We chose a Mexican place called El Paeso.  I ordered the enchiladas and they were good but tiny - not the size we are used to getting back home.  that was ok though b/c I was set on getting dessert.  We didn't really trust Mexican dessert so headed out after paying.  Strange story there - we paid cash and needed a bit of change and he had none.  The waiter ended up having to go out somewhere to get it.  Anyways, Hannah wanted a Softie (basically a flurry) from Le Quick so we went there and I got a fondant chocolat (a molten lava cake).  Needless to say, I was again short changed on size.  See the picture comparing my dessert to Hannah's.  Just as a last note, in case you are wondering, Hannah is my 'roommate' (we share a toilet and shower) and is from Conneticut.