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Written on: Tuesday January 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

Ahh, London.  My plane got in around noon but by the time I got into town and to my hostel, it must have been close to 2:30.  By huge chance of luck, Lindsay Stuart and I were able to meet up (my cell phone was out of minutes...whoops)!  We just happened to be in the area of Portobello market so started our day there.  This place is one of the best I've ever seen, it just kept getting better and better the further in we went.  I found some boots on sale for 45 pounds and the store was also having 2 for 1 so I got a pair of keds sneakers as well.  After finishing up at the market, we got on the Underground and went to my highlight of London - Top Shop.  I really was not expecting how awesome it would be.  It was then that I wished I hadn't spent any of my shopping money because I could have bought so much there.  I only ended up buying a dress that is perfect for so many different occasions and it was only 15 pounds.  We met up with Lize, Stus friend, and then made plans.  They were planning to go back to Oxford that night and me to my hostel.  In a spur of the moment decision, I decided to go back to Oxford as well.  We went back to my hostel for my things and by luck, I hadn't paid for my hostel yet b/c they didn't take credit card.  I'm not sure if they forgot that I hadn't paid or what but I managed to leave the hostel at 8pm without paying for it.  We stopped quickly to get pad Thai (only 3.90) and it was delcious.  Then we hopped on the Underground again and went to another part of the city to get Lize's things.  Since some of the lines were under construction and other things happened, I don't think we caught the bus back to Oxford until 10 at night.  The plan had been to go out but by the time we got to Oxford we were all so tired we just stayed in.  It was good to check out Stu's flat and also to shower in a place that wasn't a hostel shower.  The next morning I left early to get back to London for a free walking tour that started at 11am.  The tour was a brief overview but of everything so it didn't end until 3pm.  I went back to the national gallery afterwards and saw some Van Goghs, Picasso and my favourite, Seurat's.  I was going to go to Tate Modern as well but the Underground lines under construction made it difficult.  So I just headed to Harrods instead.  It was very cool to walk around there and see so much designer stuff in one place.  After that, I went back to Leicester square just to hang out for a bit because I had nothing really to do. I was sitting in the Burger King and started talking to the person behind me who was also alone.  It was this young guy who turned out to be from France so we talked for a bit.  He was just on his break though (he worked at the movie theatre next door).  Before going back to work, he asked if I wanted to see a moive and I was all for free entertainment so I got to see 'The Holiday' at the most prestigious moive theatre in London.  The next day I woke up not feeling so hot.  I got a bus to the area where I was meeting my shuttle to get back to the airport but still had a couple hours to kill.  I looked at going to the Sherlock Holmes museum and the Madame Tussad (wax lady) museum but both required you to pay and I was out of money.  I managed to catch an earlier shuttle and just spent the rest of my time at the airport trying no to think about how much my body hurt.  I'm pretty sure it was a combination of dehydration, lack of nutrition and over exhurtion but I'll never know.  Needless to say, it made the trip home pretty unpleasent but I am so glad to be back in Rouen now.  Upcoming trips for me is Switzerland the second week of February.  I can't wait because I will be travelling with people!