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Written on: Tuesday January 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

I left for Edinburgh right after class on Thursday Jan. 25th.  After arriving in Paris, I had to find my way to Charles De Gaulle airport which was less difficult than I was expecting. After arriving at Luton airport in London (and being pretty heavily questioned at customs) I found a seating area to make myself comfortable for the night.  Probably the worst night ever though.  I didn't really sleep at all.  For some reason, a group of guys were playing music until 2 in the morning and after that there just wasn't any hope of getting comfortable. A man offered me his pillow which was nice but still didn't help.  I did catch an hour or so of sleep before arriving in Edinburgh at about 9 am.  No time for sleep though - I only had a day in the city.  I started off rather ambitously by climbing Arthurs seat.  It is a  big hill that allowed me to see all the way to the snow covered mountains (not really justified in the photo below).  For the rest of the day I walked the Royal Mile, stopped into a tea house for some authentic Scottish shortbread and went to a couple of museums.  The Museum of Scotland was great b/c I know that I'm not the best at museums so I went on a free hour long tour that did all the highlights.  Even better, I was the only person interested so it was just Donald and I.  He was a funny guy who was wearing plaid pants (and I think he just wanted to; it was not a costume) and had a bit of a gas problem.  Later on in the day I went to a Scotch wisky site which was really cool as I am trying to improve my waitressing skills.  The tour began with a tasting followed by videos about how Scottish wisky is made and ended with a mini ride in an oak barrel taking us through the history of Scotch in Scotland.  Overall, Edinburgh was interesting. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to New Town until the evening and all the stores were closing.  I thought I would have nothing to do that night until I realized that I hadn't slept in over 24 hours and ended up going to bed at 8:30.  The next morning was just up and off to the airport to head down to London.