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Written on: Thursday January 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

Life here in Rouen is shaping up nicely.  While I can say there have been differences, I am still enjoying everything.  Lately, many of the exchange students have been extremely annoyed with the way the French administration works. For example, still not knowing what courses we are actually enrolled in, a delay with our student cards, classes being cancelled on short notice, etc.  For me, I'm trying to just take it as it comes.  It might not be what I am used to or the way I like things to be done but thats why I am here - to see how a different culture operates. So while it is frustrating that I don't have my student card to sign up for the gym (Yes, I finally found one right next to my residence!) I'm just letting it roll over me because there isn't anything I can do.  York was good about preparing us for this type of thing and advised us not too get together with exchange students and gripe about it too much so thats what I'm doing, trying to be positive. 

Classes have there ups and downs.  Some are downright horrible.  For example, the lawyer teaching our International Law class simply reads from pages of notes she has made for herself and we just have to try and keep up.  I'm slightly worried about this since the exam is worth 100% of our mark.  I can't really complain about school though.  I've yet to do any real work.  The only thing I've done, school related, is research the Single Market for a presentation I have coming up next Thursday.

I'm off to London and Edinburgh later today after class.  It should be an adventure. I'm spending tonight sleeping in London Luton airport before flying to Edinburgh early Friday morning - wish me luck!


From Cousin Kate on Jan 29th, 2007

So envious reading about all your adventures! Hope you had a great trip this weekend!