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Vive la France

Written on: Saturday January 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

Being in France for over 2 weeks now has definitely shown me some new things. As I write, it is with frustration as I don?t know if the Internet connection will hold long enough for me to finish without losing my work (I actually wrote this entry but then lost it). Oh well, this is just me learning that France is not nearly the ?need to know? country that we are in Canada.   So far, my trip (can I even call it that, it feels like so much more?) has been great. I guess its fun to be here for school since today is really the first day that I have even felt that I need to start doing some homework. (A little bit of research on the single market for my European Union class). Other classes that I am taking are: International Retail Management, Strategic Management, Cross-cultural Issues and Contemporary French. Next semester (which starts mid March) I will be continuing with my French class and taking International Management and Oenology (a wine course). Although I must say, at this point I can?t be positive that I am in these classes. These are the ones I requested to add, dropping others, but since the process was essentially by hand, we haven?t got confirmation yet. Slightly worrying being as we are now past the add/drop deadline so I won?t be able to make any more changes even if I don?t get the classes I want. As far as experiencing French culture, I have been getting a bit in but not as much as I would like. It seems unlikely that I will learn as much French as I wanted to because English is the common language at school. I did manage to get a HOT pain au chocolat yesterday though.  The weather here isn?t too cheery. No matter what the forecast says, it?s safe to expect rain. I?m not sure when that lets up but probably not any time soon.  Life revolves around searching out travel info., watching television shows on our computers and trips to the grocery store.  Going to the market on Sunday was a highlight that I hope to continue. Lots of fruit, veggies, meat, cheese and even clothes, books and antiques. Markets are so abundant here though that I really don?t need to wait for Sunday. Every Wednesday there is one a five minute walk from campus that I plan to check out this coming week. Up next for me is a trip to London and Edinburgh. 


From Debbie on Jan 23rd, 2007

Wow that sounds like fun! I am actually going to go to ESC Rouen next fall (hopefully, if I get accepted). I dont know if you could help me, but I really need to know the semester dates for fall 2007 and can't find them anywhere on the site! Do you know where I can find that information? Thanks!