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trip 1 to Paris

Written on: Monday January 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

On January 11th, Hannah, Celeste and I boarded a train to Paris after finishing up class (and maybe skipping the afternoon one).  About an hour and 20 minutes and 10 Euro later we arrived at the train station.  We then attempted to take the Subway to our hostel (Hotel des commines).  We figured it our but ran into a rude purse touching lady on the subway.  (Don't worry, she just didn't like my bag in her personal space apparently)  After getting to the hostel, pretty nice for 18 euro, we got in touch with Jaimie, Jaiden, Lindsay and Kaley who had got to Paris a day earlier.  We shopped the area a bit and then made our way down Rue Rivioli and then to Champs-Elysees.  It was amazing to see at night.  After meeting up with the other girls, some of us headed over to see the Effel tour closer up.  The weather was pretty rainy and windy but it was worth it.  We headed back towards the hostel and got dinner on the way.  Later we went to La Perle (definately a gay bar) and mingled with some French people.  It was packed so we moved on to Amnesia.  Oh ya, we also met Robert from Scotland at our hostel (apparently we woke him up) so he came along.  Talk about good luck.  He was able to warn me that the train to Scotland is very expensive so I booked an easy Jet flight instead. 
(You'll be able to read more about my upcoming trip to London/Edinburgh by the end of January).  The second day in Paris I was determined to shop during Frances month long sales - I can see the sights later.  Found a couple pairs of jeans, shoes and shirts.  We finally headed back to Rouen on the 8:20 train as we had an intensive French course all day Saturday.  I'll be back though!  PS Photos are loading slowing so I'll post them later