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Written on: Monday January 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rouen Exchange

This entry is a little back dated so we'll see what I remember.  I fly out of Toronto on Jan.3rd.  The flight was delayed by an hour so I got to spend extra time with mom and dad and check out the airport art.  (Love the aquarium thing).  You'd be amazed at how quickly you can get to you flight these days. I checked in on line so checking my bags took all of 5 minutes.  Then, there was no line what so ever at security and I was off.  I tried to sleep for most of the overnight plane ride but did catch a bit of the movie "Little Miss Sunshine."  I arrived in Paris at about 8:30 Thursday (Jan.4th) morning and was picked up by an organized taxi to get to Rouen.  Slept most of the trip so can't say much about the countryside just yet.  Once we arrived at the residence, I shelled over my 60 Euro and checked in.  Later in the day trips to Carrefour (basically a Walmart) were arranged and Jaimie, Igor and I headed off.  (Both of whom I had met in the taxi).  We started getting things like dishes, etc.  but were too exhausted to continue the trip so returned the next day to get food.  We had the first weekend free so we checked out the town a little.  Solid night life, cute streets.