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Botswana Trek 2008

Written on: Saturday July 5th, 2008

A journal entry from: Bill Burns' Botswana Trek 2008

Botswana Trek

During our trek to Southern Africa, I made several writeups which were not getting posted and I even lost everything in it's entirety.  So now that I am back home and have had some time to reflect on the trip, I will backfill in with the details that rose to the surface.

During the start of our trip things got off to a shaky start.  After we met in the airport in San Francisco to embark on our trip, Renzo left his passport at his grandfather's house which luckily was recovered in time to make the flight, so no more whining about how early we got to the airport!

We flew to JFK and had a two hour layover.  As we boarded the plane, Renzo's sister Jennifer was stopped at the gate without enough pages in her passport.  She spent an extra day in New York to fix it and as luck and determination would have it, she was able to get on the plane for Johannesburg the very next day. When the rest of us arrived in Johannesburg, Julie and Renzo's bags did not arrive with them.  The bags did arrive the very next day with Jennifer.  They had to play catch up and fly to Gaborone, Botswana to meet up with us. We had taken a 7 hour bus ride on Intercape from Joberg to Gabs!  We all met up in Botswana with all our people and all of our gear in tow.

The following day Kgaogano our guide arrived with his Land Cruiser and carted all of us off to Serowe Village and the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, which took around 4 or 5 hours.  We managed a couple of game drives within the protected reserve and saw Rhino.  Very impressive creatures.  It is too bad that they are so endangered but as we learned, the government of Botswana has released some rhinos back into the wild.  Hopefully in a few years we will be able to see them as nature intented.  The next day we drove through Rakops on our way to Maun - the safari gateway village, which is not so much a little village any longer.  We tent camped at Sedia Riverside Hotel in some permanent tents they erect for their low budget travellers.  Gary, the proprietor there is a nice guy and the food and overall feel of the place is very relaxing and sometime some people just need to relax!  We packed our food for the safari and headed off to Khwaii village in the middle of the Moremi Game Reserve.



From jeanjeanie on Jun 21st, 2008

Hey baby, I can't wait to to see your travels. Cool that you are using Footstops. Jeanie

From Paul Jacobson on Jun 27th, 2008

Bill, hope you all are having an excellent time. Looking for more photos...but it seems the connection iin the bush is far and between. Have some Amarula for me! Cheers, Paul

From JeanJeanie on Jul 8th, 2008

Sweet trip, Bill. I can't wait for the next update, but i guess I'll have to. Obama '08! Jeanie

From Marty on Aug 2nd, 2008

Hey Bill Looks like your having fun as usual. Keep it up