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Sapa to Lai Cao to Yen Bai, VietNam

Written on: Saturday March 26th, 2011

A journal entry from: S/E ASIA March, 2011

 We were sorry to have to leave Sapa, still in the fog, but we caught an early morning bus down into the valley below to the city of Lai Cao where it was clear and warmer, and then immediately another bus 1/2 way to Hanoi to the city of Yen Bai.  This bus was the biggest and most comfortable one we'd been on -one made for sleeping with big reclining seats and "cubbies" under the seat in front where your feet and legs can stretch out.  But of course we sat up most of the 4hour trip because we wanted to see the VietNam countryside as we came down from the terraced mountains to the tea-plantation hillsides to the rice paddies in the plains -that's why we broke the trip to Hanoi up into two days rather than one and took this day bus rather than a night-bus. 

We got a guesthouse on the outskirts of Yen Bai and took motor-scooter taxis into the town centre.  It turned out to be a beautiful city centre with a big square, a park full of school kids having a huge jamboree of some kind (80th year of Children's Celebration), little lakes with restaurants & cafes around, and big, wide streets. This is a city far off the "tourist trail" and we really stood out as the only "Westerners" around -but everyone was very friendly and the school kids were always eager to practice a little English with us.  After a few hours in the city we caught a ride back to our guesthouse and had good night's sleep, ready for the morning local bus on into Hanoi.


From Renee on Mar 28th, 2011

You must wish the trip would slow down about now, getting so close to coming home. Enjoy Hanoi!!