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Luang Prabang, Laos

Written on: Monday March 14th, 2011

A journal entry from: S/E ASIA March, 2011

We spent three wonderful days in and around Luang Prabang -a beautiful UNESCO designated World Heritage city at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers. The old part of the city is full of incredible Wats (Buddhist temples and monastaries), narrow lanes and alleys lined with colourful flowers and greenery, many fine guesthouses and restaurants, and the most vibrant, exotic morning & night markets with hill-tribe crafts, jewellery, clothing, food and so on. On the first day we just revelled in being there and wandered around the old city, and spent some quiet time updating this Blog and catching up on email. On Sunday we rented another motor scooter and went 20km. out of the city to an Elephant Camp on the Nam Khan river where their mission statement is to care for and protect these endangered animals -and what an experience to get up close to these magnificent beasts. Debbie fed and petted them and we talked to their "mahouts" about them as well. After returning to the city for a break, we then headed out 35km in a different direction to the spectacular Kuang Si Falls which we thoroughly enjoyed on our last trip here. Once again we swam in the beautiful ponds below the falls and meandered up and down the lush green trails leading to the incredible falls themselves. It was another Great Day.

On Monday we awoke at 6am to go out and see the monks on their morning walk gathering alms -every day at 6:30am they walk in single file with their alms-bowls and people give them bits of rice and fruit for their day, and we too were able to participate in this ritual. The rest of the day was filled with the usual wandering, a trip to the market, and in the evening the greatest dinner yet at a riverside restaurant having a Lao "fondue" or "hot-pot" at which they bring a flaming charcoal pot to set into the middle of your table with a container on top in which you heat a delicious broth and cook the morsels of fish and different noodles and vegetables with garlic and chilli of course. Delicious. And so the end of another fantastic few days in one of the most uniquely special cities in South-east Asia!!


From Renee on Mar 16th, 2011

Great pics - keep them coming!!

From Donna on Mar 20th, 2011

Hey you guys, Your blog again is exceptional and your pictures are great!! I am so enjoying your trip. Winter carries on here with enthusiasm. I am relishing the thoughts of warm moist air and the scent of earth and water. Enjoy enjoy. Love you,