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Chiang Saen - Mai Sai, Thailand

Written on: Tuesday March 8th, 2011

A journal entry from: S/E ASIA March, 2011

In Chiang Saen we see once again the busy life on the Mekong River. As soon as we arrived we went out for an evening walk along the river-front watching the boats coming & going and the river-front food-stalls. We awoke early the next morning to watch the beautiful sunrise over the Mekong and take a morning walk; then rented another motor-scooter for the day and headed north to Sop Ruak, "The Golden Triangle". This is where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar (Burma) all meet at the confluence of the Nam Ruak & Mekong rivers, and the area infamous until recent history for Opium growing by the Hill Tribes people. After checking out the giant Buddha and the Wat on the hill-top overlooking the area, we proceeded another 35km. to the city of Mai Sai, the northernmost point in Thailand, and the border of Myanmar. From there we started back south on our little scooter on busy Highway 1, and finally decided to take a smaller road heading in the general direction of Chiang Saen, through pastoral countryside and quiet Thai villages. We were a bit lost for awhile, but the friendly Thai villagers deciphered our sign language and pointed us in the right direction to finally get back to town -a fun adventure day. Later we went out for our last evening in Chiang Saen and Thailand.


From Renee on Mar 12th, 2011

More great pics! Glad you are having adventures!

From Ronnie on Mar 12th, 2011

Your travels through Chiang Mai brought back great memories of my visit to that area as we went to all of the same places. We too enjoyed the wonderful Thai people. What great memories and for you a fabulous journey.