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Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Written on: Saturday March 5th, 2011

A journal entry from: S/E ASIA March, 2011

Having spent the last couple of days walking around & exploring more of Bangkok, we are now on the 12 hour train ride to the northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai. This time in Bangkok we decided to check out the chaotic, intriguing Chinatown area on Wednesday, and the Parliament, Dusit Zoo, and Royal Residence area on Thursday. We were a little "spooked" on that walk when we came across vast tent-camp protests shutting down some of the major streets around the Parliament, all surrounded by armed riot police with cement and razor-wire barricades. One policeman assured us that we were in no danger, and we gathered that this is just another of many protests continually taking place.

Of course during these days we enjoyed some great Thai food -"Tom Yum" spicy noodle soup for breakfast, spicy chicken & rice for lunch, Pad Thai or Curry Pot for dinner -can't wait to get to Chiang Mai for dinner tonight!!

This train ride takes us out of the sprawling, bustling Bangkok, across the lush, fertile rice-growing plains of south-central Thailand, and on up into the jungle-covered hills/mountains of the North. Its a comfortable trip on an air-conditioned train, but we're looking forward to reaching our destination soon.


From Mark and Julia on Mar 5th, 2011

Wishing you wonderful travels! We will be following you...(only through your blog this time, sadly)

From Croat on Mar 5th, 2011

Have a great time.Looks good

From Marilyn and Greg on Mar 5th, 2011

We're following your trip with great enthusiasm! You are stirring up those traveling footsteps of ours! Enjoy the ride!

From Donna & Michael on Mar 6th, 2011

Hey you two, You look like you are having a wonderful time! We just got back from Whistler visiting Cathy and family. Snow continues to pile up in BC! I (Donna) can smell Thailand and have pangs of envy. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Love you, Michael and Donna

From Renee on Mar 7th, 2011

Glad you are having a great time! All is well here. Look forward to the next entry!!xxoo