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Shenzhen, China/Hong Kong/ Kelowna, BC

Written on: Thursday December 27th, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

We flew from Bangkok to Shenzhen -on mainland China just next to Hong Kong -where we spent a frustrating day just trying to arrange our passage to the Hong Kong airport for return to Canada.  Again, we had pre-booked a hotel on the internet, which turned out to be a very good choice.  The Chinese people tried so hard to be hospitable and helpful.  Still, the language barrier was huge and, like I said, it took us almost all day to arrange getting to Hong Kong airport, changing money, and just getting simple things accomplished.  There are very few signs in English, no maps, no "information-booths".  The people out in this part of the city see very few Westerners, so they are curious to encounter us. The kids are all eager to try out their rudimentary English "Hello"'s on us, and we do enjoy the few real interactions we have with people with genuine smiles and helpful intentions.  So, we spent an "interesting day" visiting the local internet, wandering the streets & markets, changing money, going for coffee, and finally buying a bottle of wine, some street food, and going back to our room for our last night in Asia.

Whew!! Its all coming to an end too soon.  But it has been such a wonderful experience, and we've been so fortunate to be healthy and safe. have so many exciting experiences and meet so many great people.

The next morning we caught a taxi to the 9:30am fast-boat directly to the Hong Kong Airport for our flight back home.  After a 12hr. flight to Vancouver, a 5hr. layover, and another 1hr. flight back to Kelowna, we were met by Renee & John at the airport after 26 hrs. travel, arriving in Kelowna at 5 pm on Dec.27th after leaving Hong Kong at 2:30pm on the 27th!! -a wonderful return home.  

What can we say that hasn't already been said.  With sadness and excitement we're back in Canada, in touch with our families, enjoying the Christmas festivities with John & Renee and family, and soon to be home in Nelson!!

After almost 3 months of travel we have tried to gain a deeper understanding of the cultures we have experienced and an appreciation of the people we have met.  And after this intense time together we have barely felt an angry or upset word between us.  We are so fortunate in all that we have, and we wish this same good fortune and blessings for everyone.


Debbie & Benjie 


From Donna on Jan 3rd, 2008

Hey you two, This entry has rendered me to tears. I am so happy for you, you did it. I know you could have stayed longer, but oh how wonderful an experience you had together. Im on the next trip with you!! Welcome home, D