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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Written on: Friday December 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

Since we have left ourselves such a short time in Thailand, we're glad that we chose to come and stay for 4 nights here rather than split up the time in 2 or 3 different places.  Chiang Mai is a very interesting city -a former Royal Capital and considered the Gem of the North.  There is still the Old City which is surrounded by a large moat and contains many ancient Wats & Pagodas as well as guesthouses, restaurants, schools, businesses and residential areas.  We have thoroughly wandered the small alleys and wide main streets of this area, as well as venturing out to the massive, exotic Night Market which goes on for blocks and blocks of shops and street-stalls, all opening from 5-midnight.  Its quite a change from laid-back Laos, but its a fun city to spend time sightseeing, discovering some of the local specialty spicy foods which we Love, and soaking up the Thai heat before we have to return to Winter.

PS:  Happy Solstice.  (Hooray, the days are now getting longer!!!)


From Renee & John on Dec 22nd, 2007

Enjoy the last week, hope it's full of fun and adventure! See you soon!!

From Mary on Dec 25th, 2007

Thinking of you, and sending Christmas wishes from our winter wonderland! xxxxx