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Kratie, Cambodia

Written on: Wednesday November 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

Kratie is a charming, small city on the Mekong River with beautiful sunsets on the river. Here we had the wonderful opportunity to have a young guide, Hak, who became our friend, take us by scooter and accompany us to view the world's only fresh-water dolphins -the endangered Irriwaddy Dolphin.  There are only about 80 of these left in the world, all in this area of the Mekong from here up to southern Laos.  Our boat-driver was skilled in finding a pod which we could follow and watch them rise and dive again and again for an hour or so.  But they were quick!! -Hard to capture the moment on our camera.  It was such a special feeling to be in their presence. 

For the rest of our day and a half in Kratie we explored around the town and visited with our new friend, Hak, and his buddy, Sithy.  They both worked at an interesting little restaurant owned by an excentric, flaming gay, expat from Chicago who waxed eloquently about life in northern Cambodia.  Made for an interesting evening on the town!!


From Penny on Nov 28th, 2007

Ben and Debbie -- your trip looks amazing! Haven't got through all the pics yet but...wow. Ben?.... stop thinking about work -- that's an order! Have fun -- Penny