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Children of Cambodia -Orphanages & Our Sponsored Child

Written on: Tuesday November 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

During our two weeks in Cambodia we have had the priviledge and opportunity to spend time at several orphanages and to meet and visit with our "Plan International" foster child.  Every child, no matter how difficult their situation, had a smile and a warm greeting for us and we in turn shared our hearts and music with them.

Some of the orphanages we visited depend almost entirely on tourist "drop-ins" and offer programs training children in their cultural heritage through music & dance.  We were fortunate to experience some of their wonderful presentations.  Also, at the Lighthouse Orphanage, we were able to spend more time meeting the staff and children, playing games and music with them. 

We also worked for a short period of time in a facility supporting children, mothers and elders affected by AIDS.  This facility just outside of Phnom Penh, Place of Rescue, was founded by a grandmother from Saskatchewan and is now a major facility run by Cambodian staff and financially supported by sponsors in Canada. 

Finally, we had the honour to visit our foster child's home & community approximately 50 km. from Siem Reap.  A Plan International liason/interpreter spent the day with us to introduce us to our "daughter" and her family, village, and school.  We also visited some of the neighbouring Plan-initiated "clean water/well" projects, enhanced rice farming pilot project, English/Computer training facility and other schools.  It was an extremely informative day spent experiencing life in rural Cambodia.

The need here is great -the selfless dedication of volunteers and financial assistance from many countries is vital to the health and future of these children.  We only wish that we could do so much more!


From Renee & John on Nov 20th, 2007

I am so glad you got to experience the children and to play music with them!! They are so beautiful! I hope you come home with contact information, I'd like to make a donation knowing that it would go directly to the source! The pics are great, love hearing from you guys!! Love ya, Renee & John