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HoChiMinhCity (Saigon), Viet Nam

Written on: Wednesday November 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: South-East Asia, 2007

Having escaped Nha Trang's torrential deluge for the drier, cooler Dalat, we then descended from the Central Highlands down to HoChiMinh City (HCMC/aka Saigon) where we arrived in another incredible thunderstorm which again flooded the streets to the point where it made the morning Saigon Times front page.  We stepped off the bus into calf-deep water desperately seeking refuge, grabbed our packs, and ran barefoot in the water down narrow, twisting alleys blindly following some guy who said "Let me take you to my hotel".  Well, it turned out alright -got a very nice balcony room in a little back-alley hotel and started getting everything out of our packs to dry out -got some beers, played a little guitar, and had a quiet evening in.  Later we discovered that we had probably just caught the edges but escaped the brunt of Typhoon Peipah which did major damage and killed dozens of people in central Viet Nam!!!

The next morning appeared clear and dry and we headed out on our usual walking-tour of new sights: the Reunification Palace (where the last Americans and S.Vietnam officials fled by helicopter as the North Vietnamese tanks crashed through the gates at the surrender of Saigon), the War Remnants Museum, Central Market, Parks, etc..  We then went and booked a three-day Mekong Delta tour for the next morning, and thus ended our whirlwind Day In HoChiMinh City.


From Renee & John on Nov 13th, 2007

Crazy! Glad you missed the brunt of the Typhoon! Hope the weather gets better. It must be such a sad feeling looking at the history of the Vietnam War! Look forward to hearing about your Mekong Delta tour. Take good care. Love ya, Renee & John